Up to 93% Off a Brand New LG G2 from AT&T

Overall, the LG G2 represents a new step forward in the evolution of the large smartphone. With many additional features and a unique layout which includes buttons on the back of the phone, the LG G2 stands as one of the most innovative designs that may change the course of how smartphones are designed. The original retail price is $600. You can get it for just $42 with a promo code from AT&T. That’s 93% saving right there without having to file any rebate. I wouldn’t pass this deal if I were you and in the market for a new at&t smartphone.

Overall Design
The LG G2 continues the tradition of the company in expanding proven designs while incorporating new features. However, the most advanced or risk taking part of the design is moving the volume and sleep/power buttons from the edge to the back of the device. Since the buttons sit just below the main camera element and LED flash, they are relatively easy to access and within a short period of time will become second nature.

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AT&T has the Best Deal on Nokia Lumia 1520 with Promo Codes

When you first see the Nokia Lumina 1520, you’ll probably have the same response that most people have when they see it, generally everyone describes this smartphone with one word: “Wow”.

The Nokia Lumina 1520 looks gorgeous, there’s no way around it. No other windows smartphone looks this good, in fact, I may go as far to say that no other phone looks this good. Of course, it doesn’t matter how good a phone looks if it doesn’t have the features to match, so let’s give a little bit more of an in depth view of this phone. There is at&t promotion going on now that set the price below $150, which is the best deal you can find online – not available in local stores.

Nokia Lumia 1520 Yellow
This is of course one of the best things about the AT&T Lumia 1520. While the design still looks similar to older windows phones, it now has a much more sleek and smooth feel to it. The greatest parts about these phones is that they feel incredibly solid. This is great since this giant 6 inch phone is something that you don’t want to drop, but if you do you don’t have to worry so much about it spraying pieces of hardware everywhere.

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